Sprinkler Services in Orange County, CA

When you need sprinkler system repair in Orange County, CA, Bob’s Sprinkler Service is your go-to source. Since 1963, we have offered the knowledge and skills you desire to keep your sprinkler system in top operation. We offer a full range of sprinkler services to meet all your needs:


  • Repairs: When your sprinkler system isn’t functioning optimally, your property suffers. The exquisite landscaping you work so hard to maintain lacks the irrigation it needs to flourish. To avoid wilted lawns and gardens, contact our team. We’ll restore your system to proper operation and keep your lawn looking great.
  • Replacements: Over time, sprinkler parts suffer wear and tear. Whether a lawn-mower took out one of your sprinkler heads or the rain and sun have taken their toll on your system, we can help. Our experts can replace the necessary parts or upgrade your property to an entirely new sprinkler system. Our mission is to make your property healthy and beautiful.
  • On-site service: There’s no need to come to us. We bring the store to your door. Bob’s Sprinkler Service offers on-site consultations, sales and repairs to make your sprinkler maintenance as simple and convenient as possible. Our goal is your complete satisfaction.

Contact Bob’s Sprinkler Service for all your sprinkler system needs. Our specialties include:

  • Sprinkler timer replacement
  • Sprinkler timer repair
  • Sprinkler timer programming
  • Sprinkler valve replacement
  • Sprinkler valve repair
  • Sprinkler system wiring repair
  • Sprinkler head replacement
  • Sprinkler water line repair
  • Pressure gauge replacement
  • Pressure gauge repair
  • Sprinkler system repair
  • Sprinkler system replacement
  • Sprinkler system wiring replacement

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From minor repairs to major replacements, Bob’s Sprinkler Service is your premier choice for sprinkler maintenance. Our team is ready to apply decades of experience to your project. Reach us today at 949-645-4931 to schedule your convenient on-site consultation.

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